About us

About us

Our company was founded in 2012 to lay a mixed orchard of walnut and hazelnut. The company is located at the address: Troitske village, Belyaevskyi district, Odessa region. For today, we have already laid more than 100 hectares of orchard and we continue to expand the plantings. In addition to the cultivation of walnuts and hazelnuts, we are engaged in growing seedlings, breeding and growing sheep, and we are the first company in Ukraine that began the industrial cultivation of truffles on hazelnut roots. The land used by the cooperative is the property of the members of our cooperative.

Our main goal is to get the maximum profit from each hectare.

The world experience shows that the only crop grown with walnuts is hazelnut. This type of symbiosis successfully bears fruit. We have defined the following plantation scheme for planting walnut seedlings: 10 × 10 meters, hazelnut seedlings: 5 × 5 meters. We also decided to use the European experience and grow a truffle mushroom on hazelnut roots. As a result, we collect three types of crops from one site – walnuts, hazelnuts and truffles. Such complex cultivation of three crops at the same time allows us to minimize our costs as much as possible. This also makes it possible for the buyer to sell each type of product we produce with the highest possible competitive advantage.

In the nearest future, we have every chance of becoming a company with a high marginal income and a flexible approach to changing markets. After all, all these three types of plantations (Ukrainian walnut breed varieties Bukovinska bomb 1, Bukovinska bomb 2, hazelnut and truffle) can bear fruit for more than 100 years. Therefore, the success of our company over the next 100 years depends on the correct development concept.

In order to minimize economic risks, we acquire walnut seedlings in an enterprise registered by the Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine, which has been growing seedlings for more than 70 years. We also purchase hazelnuts from leading European and Ukrainian varieties, but only after we explore the results of the work of European farmers.

The company is equipped with all necessary machinery and materials for growing an intensive orchard, reproduction of seedlings in the nursery and growing truffles. In addition, we have built warehouses, rooms for personnel, all the necessary utilities and electricity, we have a building for a dryer and an enzyme workshop, storage rooms for agricultural equipment, tools and materials.
We use an efficient irrigation method – drip irrigation, and we also have unique developments on the mulching of hazelnuts and walnuts, which we plan to patent.

Advantages of our company

  • Professional approach to the work of each member of our team
  • The principle of organic farming under the supervision of a representative of the European Union to obtain a certificate of manufacturer of organic products
  • Transparent accounting and stock control
  • A unique way to control weeds is to raise sheep
  • The structure of the company will be built on the principle of a vertically integrated holding “from field to plate”
  • We are ready to work with both retail and wholesale customers, as well as sign long-term contracts
  • We share our work experience and show the real results
  • We are a reliable partner for business
  • Cost-effective investment and decent working conditions

Our specialty

Выращивание фундука

У Орех Причерноморья можно приобрести саженцы 18 сортов фундука.

Выращивание фундука

У Орех Причерноморья можно приобрести саженцы 2-х сортов грецкого ореха украинской селекции.

Выращивание шиповника

Наш кооператив предоставляет полный цикл сопровождения: от выращивания до сбыта.

Консультация по запуску орехового сада

Орех Причерноморья - это еще и сельскохозяйственная ферма, которая занимается разведением овец.

Excursion to the Nut of the Black Sea Coast

In order to book an excursion to the Nut of the Black Sea Coast call +38 (093) 546-76-09 and we will agree on a time convenient for you.

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